Campers, caravans, folding trailers, tents, gypsy wagons, teepees, and pop-up tents: everyone is welcome at Camping de Portlander! Our family campsite is perfect for families looking for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the outdoors together.

Help out with taking care of the farm animals, build a fort in the play forest, or watch the stars by the campfire. Create beautiful moments with your family and make memories that last a lifetime.

Our camping fields

At our campsite, you will find two camping fields. The ‘main field’, spots 1 through 25, is surrounded by a row of tall trees and is divided in the middle by a number of large birches. Almost all guests on this field have a view of the playground. This way, you can keep an eye on the children from your own spot! Outside the school holidays, this camping field is more filled with (older) couples, hikers, mountain bikers, and families with children who do not yet go to school. A bit of everything!

The ‘Green Meadow’, spots 26 through 40, is used for guests who do not necessarily need to be near the play facilities. The camping spots here are more spacious, and typically there are fewer guests on this field. From your spot, you can look over the low vegetation into the meadows and be at the forefront of a beautiful sunset. We also use this field for group camping or small events.

The camping spots:

  • 1 camping unit (max. 8 meters in length incl. tow bar, small additional tent upon request)
  • Minimum 80m2 surface area
  • 6 amp electricity point (5KWh per day included)
  • Free camping WIFI
  • Free hot showers
  • Water tap within walking distance
  • Low-traffic camping area (only for loading and unloading)
  • Parking space for one car in the parking lot or on the parking meadow

Campsite facilities

  • Two sanitary facilities with basic showers (4), toilets (3), urinal (1), and washing facilities
  • Accessible toilet and changing table for children
  • A communal indoor space (unless it is rented out)
  • Common kitchen and refrigerator for guests arriving with a tent
  • In the high season, we organize fun activities for children (if there is enough interest)
  • Go-karts, tractors, children’s bikes, and many other toys
  • Urban Arrow cargobike for one adult and two kids (rental)
  • Picnic tables and outdoor stoves (for rent)
  • Hot Tub (for rent)
  • A washing machine and dryer (for a small fee)
  • Friendly farm animals
  • Playground, trampoline, sandbox
  • Snacks & farm-made local ice cream
  • Coffee, tea, and canned soft drinks at friendly prices

Camping spots are available from 14:00 (2:00 PM), and we kindly request that you vacate your spot by 12:00 PM on your departure day.
Our rental tents are available from 14:00 (2:00 PM), and we kindly request that you vacate your spot by 11:00 AM on your departure day.

If you plan to arrive later than 18:00 (6:00 PM), please let us know by responding to the confirmation email of your booking. Due to the need for a peaceful night's rest at the campground, it is not possible to arrive after 22:00 (10:00 PM).

Outside of school holidays and holidays, it is possible to arrive earlier or depart later. You can choose this option when booking, or you can contact us in advance.

Early arrival (from 10:00 AM): €5.00
Late departure (until 6:00 PM): €7.50

We are a small campground aimed at families with children up to approximately 10 years old. We have found that our playground equipment and activities are best suited for this age group.

Yes, your four-legged friend is very welcome! However, there is no designated off-leash area on the campground or in the nearby vicinity. Your dog must always be leashed while on and around the campground.

Please read the following rules carefully:

  1. Maximum of 2 dogs per camping spot.
  2. Your dog must be leashed and under supervision at all times on the campground and in the surrounding area.
  3. Your dog must not defecate in the fields around the campground, as this can cause illness in nearby farm animals and lead to stillborn calves.
  4. Your dog is not allowed in the Delle, the Hay Barn, the sanitary facilities, the animal enclosure, the playground, and the play forest.
  5. Accidents on and around the campground must be cleaned up immediately. Free cleanup bags are available.
  6. There are various animals on the camping grounds, such as horses, cows, chickens, donkeys, goats, etc. Your dog must not cause any disturbance to these animals.
  7. Dogs must not create a nuisance (e.g., continuous barking or whining) for other guests.
  8. Dog breeds (and crosses) that belong to the "high-risk dogs" category and dogs displaying characteristics of attack or defense dogs are not allowed on the campground.

Violation of these rules may have consequences for your stay at the campground.

Yes, you can specify your preferred spot during your booking request in the "remarks" section. We will try to accommodate your request based on availability.

Please note: Families with children have priority for spots on the camping field with play facilities. You can view the campground map here.

Each camping spot has access to a 6Ah (maximum 1320 watts) power connection. You will need a blue camping plug (CEE, 3-pin) to connect to it.

With each camping spot, 5 kWh of electricity per night is included, which is the average daily consumption for a camping unit. If you exceed this amount, there may be additional charges.

No problem! Visitors must always check in first (even for short visits) and are welcome between 9:00 AM and 10:00 PM. By 10:00 PM, your visitors should have left the premises. Visitors' dogs are not allowed.

If you plan to receive more than 4 people in a day, please inquire with us about the possibilities.

During Ascension Day and Pentecost, we kindly ask that you limit or refrain from receiving visitors due to the campground's busy period. We cannot guarantee parking spaces for visitors during these times.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to have an open fire at your camping spot. If weather conditions permit, we will set up a fire pit in a central location where you can gather around and enjoy a campfire.

However, it is possible to rent a special wood stove from us. You might wonder, what is the difference between my fire pit, BBQ, or stove and the wood stove you offer? Our wood stoves come equipped with special spark arresters, which help prevent fire damage to other campers and ensure that sparks don't reach nearby animals or thatched-roof buildings.

Here's how it works:

  1. Request a wood stove from us. Depending on weather conditions, warnings from the fire department, and your camping spot, we will determine what is possible.
  2. Use the bundle of wood provided with the stove (no gathered wood, scrap wood, or garden waste). If you run out of wood, you can purchase a new bundle from us. Please note that you rent the stove per day, not until the wood runs out.
  3. Minimize smoke nuisance.
  4. Place the stove away from flammable objects and at a safe distance from camping equipment. We are not liable for any damage to your property or that of others.
  5. Keep a bucket of water nearby.
  6. Ensure that there is always supervision when there's an open fire, and do not allow children to play with the fire.
  7. While it's tempting to sit by the stove for a long time, please consider other guests and avoid causing noise or other disturbances.
  8. Do not go to sleep before extinguishing the fire.

Absolutely! BBQ'ing is part of camping, right? We just ask that you use a gas BBQ and ensure that it doesn't cause inconvenience to other campers. In certain weather conditions (such as dryness or strong winds), we request that you be extra cautious. If your BBQ doesn't have high legs, please place a tile or something similar under it to prevent damage to the grass. We are happy to assist you.

A small additional tent is possible, but we kindly ask that you always discuss it with us beforehand. During Ascension Day, Pentecost, or in the high season, there may be an additional fee.

Please note: Due to fire safety regulations, there should not be more than 6 people sleeping on one camping spot, and there must be at least 3 meters distance between camping units.

Unfortunately, we do not have a charging station at the campground. However, there is a public charging station located 800 meters away, and we would be happy to provide you with directions to it.

Certainly. We ask that you charge your electric bike battery at your camping unit. Charging in one of the (thatched) barns or the shed is not allowed because of fire safety regulations.

We sell canned soft drinks, various types of popsicles, and delicious Oans farm ice cream. During the high season, we organize our famous 'Pizza Party' on weekends. You can enjoy freshly made pizza together with other camping guests at large tables in the Thatched Barn. Of course, you can also enjoy it in your awning if you prefer.

Certainly, please let us know if you'd like to use the washing machine or dryer. Washing costs 5 euros, and drying also costs 5 euros.